Hut, cheese, wind and the ice-loo

Back inside the hut, plans were made for the next climbing season. Hang the cloths above the oven and you don’t need any salt for a tasty cheese fondue.

Inside the hut

The ring, Frodo, stop stiring cheese and give me the ring.

Cheese Fondue

Upcoming daddy and the wind of change.


Extreme winds challenge our team on the way back to civilisation. Zipflbob Ninjas turned up as well.


No moist on the lense – just a little bit windy out there.


It’s amazing what wind can do. Leave the window open and a stormy night will put up a nice 2cm snow wallpaper. This photo was taking AFTER wiping most of the snow off the wall again. And the lesson for the future – If you don’t want to end up with a frozen toilet, learn to hold your breath, do it outside – in a hole of course – or eat less and always make sure that you shut the bloody window.


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