Dive into the map and explore the area

The metaphor „dive into the map“ was never more applicable than today, given the seamless integration of 360 panorama imagery with earth viewer technologies from Google, Microsoft & Co. Dive into the map and explore thea area around to discover all the fascinating things that places have to offer. Discovering geographic information through different user interfaces and user interface metaphors is a topic I have been interested in for a long time. Users have their individual cognitive styles and a user interface that may be well suited to some of us may be tedious to use for others. Some explore and discover by reading text. Others prefer browsing image galleries or watching videos. And some of us prefer to explore the area – explore places – through a map. A map is a neat way to understand geography and it provides an exploration experience that can can be heaps of fun – especially when the concepts of information scent are integrated into the mapping experience.

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