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Skylift ticket

All you need is just a little patience. One of my friends once told me that you have to watch out that you open the security lock in time, before getting off. There have been cases when people weren’t quick enough to lift the lock and ended up going up and down all day until someone finally switched off the power. You can practice at home using a rolling pin and an office chair. No further descriptions – use your own fantasy!


Old school skiing

Sick of all the people with the flashest, latest, high-tech skiing gear, jamming all the slopes? If you are, you should seriously consider to turn back to the roots – And I kind a mean it literally.

Old school skiing 2

And you don’t need to have running shoes – some good old mountain boots will do the job just as well. Much more important are your coordination skills anyway. Trust your equipment and most important, trust yourself. Some people reckon, being pissed at least helps the latter one.

Old school skiing 1

Then get ready and go for it. On a side note, jumping is a bit tricky as chances are high you will slip out of the strap.

Old school skiing 3

And if you do fall… Stand up and try again and again and again…

Old school skiing 4

The speed record that day was set by a woman. No fear, no light, no doubts.

Old school skiing 5