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Climb the Zugspitze – Free iPhone Hiking App

If you are planning to climb the highest mountain in Germany this summer and if you happen to own an iPhone, you can download a new hiking app that we submitted to the App Store a few days ago – for free! Our marketing team decided to only include one tour in the app – but this is the most popular and also the easiest route to climb the Zugspitze. From Garmisch via Reintal onto the top of Germany. However, the real highlight is that the app also includes the best outdoor map of the Zugspitze-Wetterstein area that is available at the moment. You have a great level of detail, including contours, hiking tracks, rock formations, ski lifts and heaps of other cartographic goodies. And needless to say that you can also use this app to go mountain biking in the Zugpspitze area. The app will show your current position and if you plan out where you want to go before, you can refer to the map to find out if you’re on the right track. So all you need to do now is wait for the snow to melt. Usually in June or July the conditions are good enough already. Enjoy!

Zugspitze iPhone Hiking App

Skitour with Trails on the iPhone

iPhone Trails

Trails is an iPhone application that lets you import, export and record GPS tracks. Recording works fine, but chews up battery pretty quickly. Feels a bit odd to look at the green Google Maps cartography on the display when everything around you is covered in snow. I should probably file a feature request for real-time map colour coding with Google – so some 20% project mastermind can do a kick-off, dig into real time weather and snow forecast data, figure out an algorithm and then use some magical filter to give the map a more realistic look – a cold snowy one that would be here. Or how about OpenPiste Map? Hold on, I just saw I can now style my own map. But then, how do I get it displayed on the iPhone afterwards?