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Leftovers getting mouldy

Of course you do not want it to happen, but when it does happen, then there is something fascinating about it. It’s the structures, the colours and the dynamics of the process that I think, are truly fascinating. Would be great for doing a time lapse of this some time…


Lights in the valley

Felt like an evening stroll up a mountain. The structure of the lights is quite interesting. You see villages and a small town. In between you can spot the roads and then there are ski lifts, which are also lit at night. Everything down there seems really small from up there. But you get most excitement out of watching cars move between the different places. They feel so much more like ants with headlights. Next time we’ll take the easy way down.


Perception, cognition and blink

It’s not easy to pick one out of more than 500 images that I took in Mexico, which comes closest to show the picture I have in mind when I close my eyes and think about our trip to Mexico about 2 months ago. I can’t even explain why I chose this, but something made blink when I came across it…


Flowing or frozen?

We are in the middle of winter – winter has just decided that green is much cooler than white and flowing much better than freezing. Another hour later and we could freeze the fall completely – no one would know we cheated winter.


Snowshoe Walkers

These boots are made for walking… Another nice and sunny day means we are out there again, exploring new terrain and ticking off the white spots on our very personal map. Guess how far we walked today? About this far.


When you are in full explorer mode, you notice all kinds of little things along your way. For instance, there were about 10 different tracks in the snow that I discovered within little more than an hour. There are big ones, little ones, medium ones. All of them. But today, the biggest ones that we found were ours 🙂 yeahh – we rule!


Training for the Zipflbob World Championships

We’re not gonna tell anyone about the special power drink in the bottle. Let’s just say it is some kind of immunization for a sore bum. Yeah – you DO need it. No way you can beat our record times without it, as you’d tend to break more often. A few more practice runs and we are ready to sign up for the Zipflbob Word Championships in Austria. Got interested? You’ll find plenty of information on – Guess how fast they say you can go on such a beast? 139km/h – that’s just nuts! Wonder what that guy had in his bottle…?


Snow Flying

It’s actually gonna become a new discipline for the Olympics, and guess what – I’m already training for it. May be the next big thing to come in winter sports. Business development people in the winter sports industry are already working on the products – except, hmm you don’t really need any special equipment. Well, you could surely use some protectors, so that could be an option. Also a special beanie which you cannot loose when you don’t manage to do a 10 point landing. Hmm, maybe I should start working on a business plan…

Snow Flying