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Context based recommendation services

OK, just thinking… Mobile phone beeps. Not the text message beep though. Different beep. It’s the get up and get moving, I’ve got a great idea beep. Oh no I think – I’m really tired and exhausted – it’s been a long working week and I’d greatly appreciate some sofa time. Ah well – let’s see what is recommended right now. I open the message, the application starts and I’m told that I’ve got 10 minutes to put the running shoes on and get ready for some action. Oh dear, I haven’t even finished my cheese cake. 10 minutes later I get new instructions. Start running down the street at a warm-up pace. So I do. Turn left at the church. Follow the road. Sure. Oh yeah, one of my favourite songs to get me motivated starts playing. Now I’m there. 5 more minutes and I see a group of runners a few hundred metres ahead. I’m told to catch up. Shouldn’t have had cheese cake before, damn it. Increase the pace and eventually catch up. At least it’s heaps more fun running with a bigger group now. Now I realise… everyone’s got the phone and the earplugs. This is all planned and scheduled. Not bad – figured out that I hadn’t gone for a run in a while, was lazy all afternoon, there were 2 hours of daylight left and the groups was about to pass by. I’m sure I won’t have to finish the loop back home by myself. At least not until the last few hundred metres.

Location based services and context

It is not just about the location. It’s about the time of the day, the time of the year, whether you are tired or not, whether you are happy or not, whether you seek specific information or whether you just browse to kill time. It’s about the temperature, the climate, the current whether conditions, your immediate surroundings, whether you’re hungry or not, about your likes and dislikes, whether you’ve got money to spend or whether you are on a tight budget. Is it a working day or are you on leave? How about what’s next on your schedule and what you just did before. How about your hobbies? All kinds of other preferences? Did you ask for it or not? What’s your cultural background? How old are you? How tall? Are you a male or female? Married? Engaged? Single? Who are your friends? Your family? What languages do you speak? Can you hear? See? What do you already know? What have you experienced before? Are you moving? At what speed? I could go on and on… How much of all this context is really considered today? How much of it can be derived from location? At least partly? How much can be derived from time?