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Trip to Zipfelbob’s home

I wrote about how spring is driving away winter really early this year. Well, we thought we should do a trip to Zipfelbob’s home. May quite well be the last chance for some Zipflbob action this season. Since I presented the flower shot yesterday, here is another proof for global warming – end of February and we’ve got the butterflies coming out. Hope the little bugger will find some of those flowers we saw yesterday, otherwise he’ll have a hard time waiting for the nectar to become available.


The slopes that are more exposed to direct sunlight loose snow earlier. So while there is still a fair bit of snow on the slopes that get only a few hours of sunlight during the day, you can pretty much walk on browns grass on the sunny slopes already.

Sunny and shady

And here we are – this place is called „Zipfelsalpe“ and it is where Zipflbob was born. Seriously this is where Zipflbob grew up and went to Zipflbob school. He also met his first Zipflbob girlfriend here, before he decided to look for a dignified rider, leave home and see the big world to enjoy the real adventures.


He used to play on the roof – he actually still enjoys doing that.

Zipflbob’s home

Too bad we didn’t have much more time to take Zipflbob out on the home slopes for some spring riding. I’m sure he really appreciated the trip though!

Zipflbob spring riding

Spring is coming

Seems like winter season is slowly but surely coming to an end. Decided to go far a late afternoon walk up some mountain to watch the sunset, which we thought should be good today. There was still some snow left on the upper slopes of the mountain, but in general it was more of a spring walk than a winter tour. The flowers also have to adjust to global warming and they seem to do OK.


Anyway – managed to reach the top about 20 minutes or so before sunset. So how do you kill time and not start getting cold?

Shadow Hand

Of course you take in the view…

Panorama view

And you practice a bit of mountain parkour.

Mountain Pacour

Until  it is finally prime time…


Sometimes, the light that you get just after sunset is even better.

Evening sky

Then it was time to get moving – snow sliding into the dark – should have brought our Zipflbobs, damn – next time we will!

Late descend