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Zipflbob freeriding trip

Yeah, there was already a fair bit of snow when we woke up that morning and it looked like there was more to come. We got all our gear together, then found a volunteer to do the hard work and lead the group. When we left the hut, it was snowing pretty hard and we were expecting tough conditions on the upper slopes. We had heard of a Swiss expedition, which had reached the south col earlier this year, but since then, snow storms have battered the mountain and there were no further attempts on this extremely exposed new route.

Group trip

We reached the steep rock face about 2 hours later and Sebastian lead the first pitch. We carefully explored the cracks and structures of the wall as we were confident that it was possible to do a first Zipflbob descend.

North face

We passed overhanding rock faces and started to feel the altitude. The oxygen level at this point dropped down to about 10% of the concentration at sea level. Although it was tough, we did not use any portable oxygen on our climb. Instead, the stronger people in the group used mouth-to-mouth breathing to help out the weak.

Ascent route

Again, we encountered difficult terrain. Lukas had to lead climb a 9c pitch, before we reached the summit plateau.


The summit slopes turned out to be even steeper than expected. Step after step, we climbed the 70 degrees slope.

Climbing higher

Just about 50m from the summit, we had to call it a climb. It was just way to dangerous to go any further from here. Avalanches, high winds and freezing temperatures forced us to dig shelter and prepare for our descent. Eddie and Susi decided that it would be best to descent the mountain the most direct route and we were mentally preparing ourselves for the first time ever Zipflbob descent of this mountain.


Guess why it is called Zipflbob („cock bob“)


Who needs goggles anyway?


… to be continued…

Snow Flying

It’s actually gonna become a new discipline for the Olympics, and guess what – I’m already training for it. May be the next big thing to come in winter sports. Business development people in the winter sports industry are already working on the products – except, hmm you don’t really need any special equipment. Well, you could surely use some protectors, so that could be an option. Also a special beanie which you cannot loose when you don’t manage to do a 10 point landing. Hmm, maybe I should start working on a business plan…

Snow Flying 

Snow Rails

Snow will stick to almost anything – given the right combination of temperature, sunlight, wind direction, altitude and some degree of human interference. Now let’s guesstimate the figures: -7 degrees C, yes, west, 2500m, engineers. Still working on the formula…

More snow art

Snowshoeing and Snowboarding

Well, let’s just call it one of those days where the weather forecast wasn’t even remotely exaggerated and conditions are near perfect. Started our tour around 8.30 am – not an early start, but early enough to beat the crowds for most of the trip. Can you tell who took the photograph? Ah well, that was easy…


It’s really just a pleasure to be out there and enjoy the views while slowly but surely climbing further to the top.


One of the most famous mountains around – you can see the exceptional shape of the mountain from far away, but the closer you actually get to it, the more majestic it builds up in front of you. Some of the walls are overhanging and you are advised NOT to ski or snowboard down the main rock wall in the middle of the image – NOT even if you are one of the more extreme ones out there! Also, you are meant to be quiet when passing this area as the marmots are asleep an estimated 3 meters underneath the surface. You don’t want to wake them in the middle of winter – they get REALLY grumpy!

Moutain panorama

Nice play of scale, shape, texture and light I reckon. The slope you’ve been dreaming about the night before…

Snow art

And there we are – that’s us on the summit – ready for the downhill part of this trip.

On the top

Concentrate and then just trust your senses!


Improv sledging

We were actually just going for an easy walk when we found this awesome sledge smashed behind some trees. Got it out, did some magic to it and wow – there it is – ready to be patented. That’s where a little wood engineering comes in handy… Requires some skills to get it going and keep sitting on it 🙂


The further you lean backwards, the faster the thing goes and the more fun … until you hit that tipping point, where it starts to scare you – then, well – then you kind of loose your faith, you loose your coordination and that’s it then – gone you are – falling off the damn thing, trying to protect yourself while tumbling through the snow.


… and that’s all that there is left after a decent crash – too bad we didn’t have any proper nails or screws or even just a piece of string to repair the little rocket – ah well – next time we’ll be back with more tools, more faith and more fractures!