Zipflknight – It’s all about Contrast

Today, I am happy to introduce another new member of our growing Zipflbob family. We haven’t really found a new name for him yet. „Zipflellie“ is up for the vote, but since he’s a boy, that may only make his life harder than necessary. Although the guys from Freakonomics have some interesting theories, which put all this naming philosophy into a new perspective. Anyway – „Dark Knight“ was what first came to my mind when I found him in the woods. And it would only be logical to call him Zipflknight then. His new friends have already given him a nickname – They lovingly call him „Darth“. So while we are looking after the new fellow, he is actually not gonna stay with us for too much longer – his new family has been waiting for him for a while now, and I’m sure they are very much looking forward to meeting him soon – to take him out for some adventures themselves.

Zipflbob - The Dark Knight

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