Live Earth – See what I’m doing!

To be honest. I haven’t tried Twitter yet. And I am not even sure why. Maybe I’ll have a closer look at some stage… maybe when it will turn into Live Earth. Sure, we’ve got webcams already. But don’t you think it would be exciting to have them mounted (excuse me) to people. Head mounted webcams already brings up three hits on Google. Of course there would be an option to switch them on and off. In „tourism“, things have proceeded from exploration by a few explorers to travel by a few more to tourism by many more – and from looking to experiencing… Parallels on the Web?!? Don’t you think this will happen with Twitter as well? Maybe YouTube becomes boring one day – because it is old hat – stuff that happened in the past and people are more excited to know what is happening right now. Too much stumbling already for today? How about enjoying someone ski down a fresh powder slope – live – in real time! Just need to upgrade some of those helmet cameras … In addition to real time satellite imagery, the social part of live earth will complete ground-truthing in real-time.

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