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Yesterday, we released another cool feature for all our users. Our platform already features a few thousand top-notch tours – no matter what kind of outdoor sports you are into -there are plenty of hiking tours, bike trails, skitours and many more things to explore and discover. At this stage, we only offer a German user interface, but we’re already working on supporting an English UI as well. The platform already enables users to publish their favourite outdoor tours in a very professional way, including an interactive tour map, an elevation profile, descriptions and an image gallery. For skitours, there is even a layer, which shows steep slope angles as potential danger zones with a red coloured map overlay. Now, users can also grab an IFrame and integrate it on their own website or blog. People can then check out a summary of the tour and even switch to a Google Earth 3D view to get a better idea about what to expect from the tour. The following example shows a skitour from Scharnitz to Pleisenspitze. Also note the outdoor cartography, which fills in all the white spots that you find in Google Maps when it comes to the Great Outdoors.

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