Outdoor Route Planning

We’ve just launched some cool stuff at work. So anyone interested in individual hiking routes should check out the Outdoor-Routing-Planner – unfortunately, outdoor routing only works for Germany so far and you have to deal with a German UI, but if that is not stopping you, I highly recommend you check it out and have a go- good fun!

outdooractive Outdoor Routing

In order to not get lost, here are the key steps:

  1. Type in a German place name, e.g. „Berchtesgaden“
  2. Start your route by clicking in the map
  3. Extend your route by clicking in the map again and again…
  4. When you’re happy double-click to end your route
  5. Hit the save button (Speichern) to save your route.
  6. Now you can click on the GPX link to download a GPS Track
  7. Or you can click on the PDF link to download a PDF document, including a map of your route

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