The awesomeness of monkey business

Too many choices, too much content is a great brief article, which was recently published on ReadWriteWeb. The article offers a familiar perspective on (I guess) many people’s daily reading slot challenge. It also reminded me of an interesting book about what we all do on the Web these days. It is called The Cult of the Amateur and it offers a thought provoking perspective about the problem of filtering the useful from the not so useful content on the Web. Andrew Keen uses the metaphor of typewriting monkeys, to refer to the majority of content producers, who are responsible for the not so useful content, in which we all struggle to not drown day by day. Read about the infinite monkey theorem and you get a good idea about the message of the book.

Anyway… Sarah, the author of the article I was referring to at the start, points out that the real challenge is to find the useful content and technologies – the next big thing(s) and the next killer app(s) out there… she concludes:

There’s also this little thing called „going outside“ that we would like to take part in, too. Hopefully we’ll see the killer web app to filter the noise someday soon to help us do so, but it’s definitely not here yet.

Maybe the next killer app(s) will be one(s), which will motivate and drive us to actually „go outside“ and experience the „awesomeness“ of all the nature to be explored and discovered on our „real“ earth 🙂 – Otherwise I guess we’ll keep drowning until the magical filter becomes available or we figure out a super-strategy to find the few monkey scripts with lines of wisdom… „I wasted time, and now doth time waste me.“ 

Awesome Nature

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